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Monday, November 22, 2010

"Money lost, nothing lost; Health lost, much lost; Character lost, everything lost."

Lately I’ve been writing about economics and finance that are subjects I really like but don’t reflect my interests. Today when I was watching the Bloomberg TV where 3 Hedge Funds were being raided by FBI due to insider trading, the reporter asked to the interviewee: “What are the consequences for the ordinary traders?” Then the interviewee said: “You know, this shakes the market structures. You buy a stock because you trust in that company. When a case of insider trading happens, how can people trust in each other?” and that’s when I thought: “I must need to write about it, character has always been a good interest for me.
Everyone knows that monetary relationships are based on trust, it means we are in a fiduciary system so a prerequisite to get a job would be to demonstrate confidence, character and responsibility above all the technical skills. However nowadays people are hired and paid due to their achievements, technical skills and academic education, this is so wrong I think. I’ve been on some group internship interview and I haven’t heard of anyone saying about character or something like that, they disguise personality through their perfectionist speeches to be hired. Well, there is a need to have a little bit of malice but we can’t let this be the main selection item.
To own a character is something very complicated nowadays when there are a lot of easy ways to achieve a goal in a short space of time, this can be magnificent, but there is no lie sustained for a long period of time. I believe time make us see the difference between bad and good. Time is, no doubt, the god of truth; it is the main responsible for the downgrade of empires owned by bad faith; and guarantee the wealth and stability for those whom were responsible and did their homework. Once I read a certain Chinese proverb that said a lot of thing about breach of trust: "Money lost, nothing lost; Health lost, much lost; Character lost, everything lost.
So I think people should valorize a little bit more the people character, find out if they are truthful and responsible. When I own my Investment Bank I’ll assure to interview any candidate that tries to get a job and work for me and with me. We cannot depreciate the personal relationships based on honesty because it is this relationship that paves the way to a better future." 

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